Some nights, one just is not meant to get to Tulsa

Several weeks ago, I had a flight to Tulsa cancel on me about an hour before departure, due to an odd combination of weather and runway construction at the Tulsa airport.

I tried to get on a later flight (full, unfortunately), and ultimately wound up not going (flights with available seats the next day would not have gotten me to the funeral I wanted to get to).

Interestingly, the flight I tried to get on later that night wound up going out late, then diverting overnight to DFW (nearly two hours after leaving IAH). I suspect this was also due to weather conditions at Tulsa and the runway contruction project, although it could also have been for mechanical reasons. Here are a couple of screenshots I grabbed from tracking that flight:

Screenshot_2014-02-01-12-50-58 Screenshot_2014-02-01-12-53-31

What is interesting about this is that apparently the next day’s DFW-TUL flight was created as a bookable flight on As I was playing around with the United website, that DFW-TUL flight was coming up as a flight I could purchase, and as a flight I could redeem award miles for. Ultimately, it wound up going out too late the next day for me to have made the funeral, but that was once looking like an interesting option had I been able to get myself to DFW early in the day (until its departure time slipped).

Regardless, I found it interesting that the continuation (DFW-TUL) turned out to be bookable.