Confusion about who is paying the bills

Various media in Houston report that the Houston Housing Authority has implemented a new smoke-free policy in the public housing it oversees.

At least one resident of the public housing is upset (and a little confused):

“That’s not good, that’s not good at all,” said Georgiane Daniels. “You have lost your freedom. You pay the bills you should be able to do what you want.”

Umm, yes, but when someone else helps pay the bills for the public housing,

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A strange “gotcha” from Mitchell Schnurman

This is a strange twitter “gotcha” from Mitchell Schnurman, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News:

Of course, Obamacare represents interference with markets, large government (not small), and patronage (the “Navigator” program is not subject to much in the way of

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Some thoughts on Biggio, Bagwell, PEDs, the Hall of Fame, and a forgetful Chron columnist…

… posted over at blogHOUSTON.

The current baseball Hall of Fame voting system is kind of a joke. As an example, Houston isn’t even properly represented by writers who LIVE IN and COVER Houston! Nor are writers part of the mix (even though Alyson Footer has long been a great baseball analyst for

Biggio will eventually get in. Bagwell deserves to, but it may not happen under the current system.

Personally, I like Dan Le Batard’s

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Hasn’t the UT problem been too much PR and not enough coaching?

After a somewhat haphazard process in which many fantastic names (Saban! Gruden! Harbaugh! Tomlin!) were floated, the UT football program has finally settled on their guy: Charlie Strong, who was an excellent defensive cooordinator at Florida, and a head coach who rebuilt Louisville into a national program in a few years.

By most accounts, UT is getting a football-focused guy who loves the Xs and Os, is a strong recruiter, and who doesn’t have a lot of use for the

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Happy 2014

It’s time for the annual post in which I wish the diehards who stop by here on occasion a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

2013 was one we were happy enough to put behind us. We had a good year of family, friends, travel, and the like, but Callie’s family also lost three dogs (within weeks of each other) and had a health scare with Kiwi (thankfully, the old gal has recovered strongly, after Callie started making the dogs’ food

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