Local blogger asks if OKC cheerleader is “too chunky,” internet goes crazy

In Houston this week, a fun little media story emerged about a female blogger for a local sports radio station* who questioned whether an OKC Thunder cheerleader was perhaps a little “too chunky.” The original post (and others by this blogger, along with Anna-Megan Raley’s bio) were deleted from the radio station site, but a copy is in the google cache. The story was picked up by quite a few outlets; here’s the chron.com version.

It’s mystifying to

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Public Interest Journalism(!): How to frame an abortion clinic safety regulation story

I don’t bother much with posts about media bias these days for any number of reasons (it’s a little like shooting fish in a barrel, it eats up a lot of time, there’s less need for it now that academics have taken up the matter more rigorously), but every once in a while it’s still instructive to take apart a story that clearly illustrates the phenomena. So without further adieu, here’s a graf-by-graf examination of a story that appeared

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