How a bad headline choice can detract from what follows

A friend posted the following story to his Facebook feed this week:

Greeks find cause of all their woes: the Jews (Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman, Times of Israel)

I almost didn’t post about this, because at first, I thought the headline writer was trying to make a subtle, “see what I did there?” point about the silliness of peoples irrationally blaming whole other peoples for their woes. But upon reflection, I’m still not convinced the headline writer was

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Texas online news organization discovers Tea Partier’s interesting past

The Texas Tribune, founded through the vision (and cold hard cash) of a onetime Democratic activist who claims to have forsworn traditional politics, posted an interesting story Monday about an area Tea Party activist who had at least one *ahem* interesting association ten years ago:

As recently as 2003, the president of the Greater Fort Bend County Tea Party had a very different title: director of propaganda for the American Fascist Party.

James Ives, a prominent Tea Party activist

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William R. Van Cleave, RIP

Word reached me this weekend that Bill Van Cleave, one of my grad school mentors and one of the top conservative defense policy intellectuals over the past few decades, had passed.

Here’s an excerpt from a fitting tribute to Dr. Van Cleave by longtime associate Frank Gaffney:

There’s a certain historic symmetry that we mark the thirtieth anniversary of President Ronald Reagan’s historic unveiling of his Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) within days of the passing of a man who played

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Sen. Cruz raises interesting questions about Bill of Rights; Sen. Feinstein emotes

Something kind of interesting happened today in America’s great debate forum, the U.S. Senate.

Instead of the usual long-winded staff-prepared speeches that we’ve all come to expect from most of that chamber’s gasbags, we instead got a bit of constitutional textual analysis and commentary from the junior Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz. Here’s the transcript of Cruz, courtesy of ABC News (there are some obvious errors in transcription; I’ve indicated my corrections with brackets):

Cruz: [It] seems to me

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Manners Fail: Player featured in Longhorn etiquette post assaults romantic rival

This gem comes courtesy of Matt Jackson via twitter earlier today:

Texas Longhorns add new material to life skills playbook – (11 March 2013)

Texas Football met on Sunday, February 24, for its annual fine dining meal at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in downtown Austin. The dinner, an anticipated tradition in the football program, takes place during each student-athlete’s first year on the team, during which etiquette coach Mary Ellen Oliver instructs the young men on proper and

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