Is it possible Kubiak truly isn’t well enough to coach an NFL team?

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak, who is (by all accounts) a good man, recently suffered a mini stroke (technically a transient ischemic attack).

He wasn’t able to coach last weekend, but his doctors and the Texans decided he would be fine to coach THIS weekend. Two weeks after a major neurological event (not trying to be a smartass, just stating the facts).

Before this week’s game, I wasn’t so sure Kubiak should be back on the sideline. A Houston

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Test Post

I’ve had a number of websites scattered across two webhosts for about a year now.

I’ve decided to consolidate on to one webhost.

If you’re seeing this post, you’re seeing this blog at its new home.

Let me know if anything is obviously broken.

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Texas Monthly executive editor: Tea Partiers and Ted Cruz are big stupidheads

Many journos who use Twitter place the disclaimer “RTs don’t constitute endorsement” (or some variant) in their bio, presumably to keep up the illusion of not having an opinion on politics, which they can therefore cover objectively.

It’s really kind of a silly claim, but that’s the modern j-school mindset at work here in the U.S.

Still, what’s fun about Twitter is that those journos who do a fair amount of RTing — say, the Houston Chronicle‘s leftwing bureau

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Way to be timely, City of Houston

Two City of Houston employees came by the house today.

Callie informs that they wanted “to inspect the windows and sign off on the permit.”

Ummm, what?

After further inquiry, Callie ascertained that they were talking about the replacement windows we had installed shortly after moving in a little over THREE YEARS AGO.

Undaunted, they told her well, yes, there’s a bit of an, umm, backlog, but they could just sign off on the permit now.

They also were not

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Local blogger asks if OKC cheerleader is “too chunky,” internet goes crazy

In Houston this week, a fun little media story emerged about a female blogger for a local sports radio station* who questioned whether an OKC Thunder cheerleader was perhaps a little “too chunky.” The original post (and others by this blogger, along with Anna-Megan Raley’s bio) were deleted from the radio station site, but a copy is in the google cache. The story was picked up by quite a few outlets; here’s the version.

It’s mystifying to

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