Square Foot Garden 2011

I’m giving the Square Foot Garden another try this year, after so-so results last year.

For 2011, I’m doing a few things differently.

First, I’ve doubled the depth of the box. Even though the Square Foot Garden guru says you can get by with a depth of only six inches (and I built my original box with 2X6 lumber), I don’t think that depth was enough for the harsh Houston heat, so I doubled the depth for this year,

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Sudden Acceleration: Galveston driver hits wrong pedal

No one was injured after a car crashed into a Regions Bank on Saturday.

A woman about 3 p.m. was parking a Pontiac Vibe in front of the bank, 6408 Interstate 45 in La Marque, when she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes, Sgt. Reggie Rodriguez, of the La Marque Police Department, said.


Saturday was not the first time a

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The Reagan Centennial: Hayward, Morris, and Reagan political biography

Some time ago, my friend Orrin Judd posted an insightful review of Edmund Morris’s widely panned “biography” of Ronald Reagan, the crux of which was as follows:

Edmund Morris was hired to be Reagan’s semi-official biographer on the strength of his Teddy Roosevelt biography, which truly is a great book. But there is one vital fact that noone realized at the time, and which still seems to elude critics and commentators; the book ends before it gets to the

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