Hello 2011

Hello all,

The blog has been “back” in terms of the slightly updated appearance and totally new WordPress backend* for a few days now. But I wanted the top post to remain a tribute to my mom through 2010.

To be completely honest, I haven’t been that motivated to post anything to the personal blog until recently anyway. Of course, my mom loved the stuff here (probably the personal and travel stuff a lot more than the political), and losing that audience really kind of sapped the motivation (and the heart, and, well, you know) for quite a while.

Quite a lot has happened since 11 July 2010, some of it documented on twitter/facebook/flickr/diigo/elsewhere. I don’t intend to rehash it (it’s 2011 now, onward!), but there have been some really good times — travel, friends, family, wine, Kindle (!), grilling, backyard, etc — mixed in with those moments of just aching that my favorite reader will no longer be eagerly checking out my little pixel patterns almost as quickly as I could arrange them. Life’s oscillations, hmm?

Anyway, Happy 2011 everyone. I think it’s going to be a really great year.

* We went through a short period on the Expression Engine blog platform. And then they went and revamped everything and introduced an expensive, screwy pricing structure that makes NO SENSE to me (ultimately designed to make the thing exclusively a commercial tool instead of one for hobbysts, I guess). So I gave in and went with WordPress. Old entries and comments have been imported from Expression Engine and Nucleus, mostly successfully it seems.

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  • I know there was a lot of sadness for you last year, so here’s hoping for a happy and fulfilling new year for you and Callie both!

  • Glad you’re back. Sometimes it’s the little personal observations that bring forth the desire for larger posts, no?

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