Accelerator instead of brake = sudden acceleration

Two people were injured after a driver crashed into a Rosenberg-area wings restaurant on Wednesday afternoon.

Police say a 22-year-old driver was backing out of the parking lot of a Wing Stop when she accidentally hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. The car lunged forward, crashing through the glass and injuring two women.

The bolded part of the excerpt is the cause of most “sudden acceleration” incidents

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Travel Obsession: Mental Illness or Great Return On Investment?


Callie and I returned a little earlier from a same-day trip from Houston to Seattle (or, IAH-SEA, to use the airport codes) that kicks off this year’s efforts to requalify as gold elites on Continental/Star Alliance. We traveled on a

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Krauthammer on constitutionalism

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer has penned a fine column on what is perhaps an emerging movement of constitutionalism among conservatives (even if Tea Party and other activists who drove the GOP to monumental victories in November did not quite formulate it that way at the time).

It’s a great read, although perhaps a bit jarring to the sensibilities of some, since the too-common response to most problems (social and political) over the last decade, maybe two, has been “government

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A day in the blockquoting life…

But while all of us have been known to quote and excerpt–myself included–no major blogger takes entire blog posts and articles, and reproduces them entirely on his/her website with anything approaching the frequency displayed on Brad DeLong’s website.

It’s a silly blogging style, when you think about it.

By “major blogger” he really means national blogger with a big following. Locally, we can easily

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Chron does its thing with Phillips

Somehow, the Dallas Cowboys seemed notably lacking in technique and fundamentals as they lumbered out to that 1-7 start under head coach and defensive coordinator Phillips.

He’s been a pretty decent defensive coordinator across the league, but he failed badly in his last gig with some pretty good defensive talent. Maybe he can restore his good reputation (without good 3-4 talent) in Houston.

Sadly, the headline

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