Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

So, put another year in the books.

Since this is a not-quite-yet-abandoned personal blog that’s sometimes also about politics, that requires some sort of personal statement, right?

Damned if I know what that is, except blogging has kind of jumped the shark, hasn’t it?

I had thought the blogging impulse would come back this year, but instead … it was a lot more interesting spending time with actual people (social instead of media?). Grilling (with neighbors and friends). Wine (with

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Biking Pawhuska

Here is today’s bike ride around Pawhuska, courtesy of Android/Google My Tracks:

View 2011-11-24 14:43 in a larger map


1) The ride UP to Skyline Drive is a good way to burn off Thanksgiving carbs.

2) Gravity is your friend if you’re *ahem* overweight and riding downhill.

3) Uphill, not so much.

Okay, back to Thanksgiving

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Introducing Texas Iconoclast

Evan, Cory, and I threw open the doors to our new project today.

Please come check out Texas Iconoclast.

Evan does a nice job describing our thinking here, and the About page has a bit more.

Basically, we’re offering a daily roundup of essential reading on Texas Politics, from a center-right perspective, with a little commentary thrown in for good measure. We’re still feeling our way through the group production a bit, but eventually I

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Square Foot Garden 2011

I’m giving the Square Foot Garden another try this year, after so-so results last year.

For 2011, I’m doing a few things differently.

First, I’ve doubled the depth of the box. Even though the Square Foot Garden guru says you can get by with a depth of only six inches (and I built my original box with 2X6 lumber), I don’t think that depth was enough for the harsh Houston heat, so I doubled the depth for this year,

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