Linkpost (06/10/2010)

  • The Perry camp’s response (BurkaBlog)

    I do think that White just wasn’t very smart about the way he handled his business. When you hold office, especially an executive office in which you have a lot of power, and you have a lot of investments at the same time, there is a simple way to insulate yourself against the kinds of trumped-up charges the Perry campaign made: You create a blind trust. Rick Perry is smart enough to

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Linkpost (06/09/2010)

  • We are inept (David Warren Online)

    In a sense, Obama is hoist on his own petard. The man who blames Bush for everything now finds there are some things presidents cannot do. More deeply, the opposition party that persuades the public government can solve all their problems, discovers once in power there are problems their government cannot solve.

    Alas, it will take more time than they have to learn the next lesson: that governments which try to

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Linkpost (06/08/2010)

  • Forget Helen Thomas — where are the watchdog reporters? (J.P. Freire, Washington Examiner)

    While most news stories cite Helen Thomas’s “confrontational style” as a thing of “legend,” her record appears to be more about making news than breaking it. That glory takes away from reporting that can have a real impact, which is in steep decline. In fact, most of the Washington reporting staff was laid off while keeping Thomas on and there was no support staff

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Linkpost (06/07/2010)

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