Happy Father’s Day…

… to all you dads out there!

We’re headed back to Houston later today after spending the weekend with my dad (who’s busy cooking us breakfast, ‘cos some dads just don’t take a holiday no matter what the greeting card industry

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Linkpost (06/19/2010, the “made in Oklahoma” edition)

  • Gulf War Three (Mark Steyn, NRO)

    Barack Obama was supposed to be the best, the very best, and yet he is always, reliably, consistently mediocre. His speech on oil was no better or worse than his speech on race. Yet the Obammyboppers who once squealed with delight are weary of last year’s boy band. At the end of the big Oval Office address, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, and the rest of the MSNBC gang jeered the president.

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Linkpost (06/10/2010)

  • The Perry camp’s response (BurkaBlog)

    I do think that White just wasn’t very smart about the way he handled his business. When you hold office, especially an executive office in which you have a lot of power, and you have a lot of investments at the same time, there is a simple way to insulate yourself against the kinds of trumped-up charges the Perry campaign made: You create a blind trust. Rick Perry is smart enough to

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