Big 12 Wrap: Week 4

Because I’m about a day-and-a-half behind on all things and seemingly not gaining ground, the best I can do this week is this placeholder.

BUT…. if you’re seeing this post, you should be seeing the blog on its new webhost. So that’s something, right? I haven’t updated all the skins yet, so some stuff is almost certainly broken still… it’s been going that way lately!

Backpacking or hiking may transpire next weekend (or maybe just a trip via CO

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 2

We’ll just crowdsource the editing up front after last week’s terrible effort. Please let me know what I’ve left out or screwed up, and we’ll correct it quickly. 🙂 Thanks!

Substantively: In Week 2, I think we learned that the conference has fallen considerably from last year (when I think it was the best it’s ever been, and arguably the best in the country overall). This year, Texas is awfully good, there are a few dangerous but inconsistent teams, K-State’s

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 1

Hurricane Ike scrambled my football watching (and the Big 12 wraps) last year, but we’ll give the wraps a go again this year and hope the hurricanes stay away. I still have about the same attitude I did last year post-Hurricane, and am not really looking to sit around watching football all weekend when cooler weather finally arrives and there is hiking to be done, so these things will be pithy at best. But hey, they’ll help me get up

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