Linkpost (08/30/09) — The old/new media edition

I keep falling behind on the linkposts. Here are three media-centric links that I hope you follow. This is some of the best reading on media (new and old) I’ve run across lately. I’ll try to resume more political linkblogging soon. Maybe (football season is looming, after all). 🙂

Five Key Reasons Why Newspapers Are Failing, Pt. 1 (Bill Wyman, Splice Today)

The commentators most caught up in the romanticized notion of newspaper cite the potential loss of

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Linkpost and bison photo (08/16/09)

Whoops, I haven’t updated here in a while — busy with the Houston blog, friends, grilling, gym, blah blah blah….

Here’s a picture of a bison herd crossing the road at the Nature Conservancy Tallgrass Prairie Preserve in Osage County (OK) earlier today. Pretty cool stuff:

Buffalo crossing

And here are some links on journalism and theft (or not, depending on your perspective

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