Linkpost: 08/30/08 (Sarah! edition)

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  • The more furious and self-righteous the Left/media becomes over Palin, the more convinced I am that McCain nailed it with the pick.

    Beating up women — or, in the case of Palin’s daughter, girls — is rarely good politics. Locally, we saw that in Clutterbuck’s easy runoff victory. The rule tends to hold pretty well across all levels of politics.

    The Left/media are tiptoeing right up to Wellstone Funeral Fiasco territory, and they seem not even to realize it. It’s been really surprising.

  • Of course, as the more talking-points free members of the "reality-based" community will tell you….

    It’s not about Palin’s daughter, or her gender, or anything like that.

    Nope, its all about issues.

    When they discover those issues they’ll elaborate further.

    (Now for some light gender and daughter bashing to pass the time)


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