Greece Trip: 05/14/08 (Weds) — AMS to IAH (The End)

From 05/08/08 on, I had pretty much stopped writing up my bullet notes in my written journal. I may fill them in a little here, but this is mostly just a chronological dump from what’s in my notebook. I regret that I’ve inevitably lost some detail this way, but I really got into Paros and didn’t feel like writing in detail.

– Walk to the airport from the Hilton. Plenty of time. No surprises. This is how I like it.

– Coffee from the airport Starbucks makes me happy. It proves hard as hell to find breakfast, though.

– Shockingly, the KLM flight is not on time! Seriously. It’s their damn HQ, it’s a flight that’s going out to IAH first thing in the morning. The aircraft is in. The crew is in. And it’s still late. It just makes me appreciate the Cheerman more. The Cheerman does his best to get CO flights out of IAH on time (especially the first flights of the day!).

– The front cabin of the 747 — the elite seating — is really nice. And empty. We spread out a bit.

– It’s a good flight. The KLM service was good. The food ranged from average to awful. The cabin temp was cold (better than a warm flight, which was our AF experience on the way over). I might actually fly these guys again, if the fare were right (and, of course, I wouldn’t book any tight connections, because they are incapable of running flights anywhere on time). But only if CO and KLM are still SkyTeam partners, and that seems open to doubt at this point.

– Wow, it’s over. We’re at IAH. And we’re tired. Float Trip in a week or so! No rest for the weary.