Greece Trip: 05/13/08 (Tues) — Rafina to ATH to AMS

– Bus trip to the Athens airport from Rafina (no more strike!). The bus actually picks us up early, which is fine.

– Callie and I had planned to go into Athens for some last minute sightseeing, but instead change our minds and decide to hang at the airport.

– The ATH McDonald’s is tremendous. Although the pork sandwich is odd. Not bad. Just different. But the people working there were really chipper and good at their jobs. A far cry from what one finds in America!

– Kulla and ZiZi enjoyed the Olive Tree cafe, and we hung out there for a while.

– Shockingly, the KLM flight is not on time! But we eventually get on board, and make our way to Amsterdam on the evening flight. It’s unexceptional.

– The airport Hilton is okay. Not the greatest Hilton I’ve ever stayed at, but really nice given the excellent Hotwire rate I secured. The rate I secure would have been a steal IN EUROS, but I got it in dollars. Go me! 🙂

– Quick trip in to the city center. The trains in Amsterdam are the best of any city I’ve ever visited. Truly world-class (unlike the retarded thing we have in Houston that hits cars). We wander about a bit, have a pizza, never really find the red-light district (sadly), and head back to our hotel because it’s getting awfully late (thanks for that late flight, KLM). It was interesting how late the sun set in AMS in early May, though. Definitely want to come back here.

– The night in the Hilton is restful.

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  • Yea, the McDonald’s people where we go are really chipper too. My husband loves the pork sandwich. The best thing is they have veggie burgers there during the Easter fast.

    Funny thing is – if you had been a day later you might have been hanging out at the Athens airport when we were! We left for Crete on the 14th and had 3 or so hours to kill at the airport. Weird!

    It is pretty sad you couldn’t find the red light district. We kept running into it despite ourselves when we were in Amsterdam! As to the being light late, it is weird, isn’t it? The first night we were there (it was June), I realized I still had my sunglasses on and it was 10:30 pm!

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