We rolled into Houston last yesterday afternoon, a little late but without the problems of the trip over (although both KLM jets were late — KLM cannot seem to make an on-time departure, even from their main airport first flight of the day for the aircraft in question).

Still fighting a bit of jet lag, but with any luck that will work itself out tomorrow.

I kept a pretty detailed (handwritten) travel journal this time, and will probably backfill the blog with those notes eventually. And photos.

But maybe not for a few days. 🙂

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  • Welcome back.

    What do you mean down time? There’s no down time in blogging.
    There’s no DOWN TIME in Blogging!!!


  • Ok, you know, you’ve been to Greece twice now and I haven’t so much as gotten a phone call! Anyway, I’m glad you had a good time despite the strikes that are unavoidable here (you must have left right when the trucking strike was getting messy, we couldn’t get gas anywhere, but that was ok because we went to Crete).

    We usually choose Lufthansa when we can for flying in and out of the country, although I don’t know if they have convenient flights for flying in and out of Houston.

  • One of these trips, we really will have to get to your part of the country and give a holler! 🙂

    Actually, KLM was not bad on the return. I picked them for price AND to earn SkyTeam miles (which I can deposit with CO). I prefer CO, but I would fly KLM again.

    If CO manages to dump SkyTeam and move to Star Alliance, Lufthansa might be a choice in the future… but who knows how all the airline stuff is gonna shake out.

  • I will expect a holler sometime! I realize the north isn’t as exciting as the islands, but Halkidiki does have excellent beaches (this is where the Northern Greeks spend their summers) and Thessaloniki is a pretty city.

    Re. airline stuff, gawd, I’m wondering if some day there won’t even be flights to take anymore. All these added costs to everything – baggage, etc., and the fuel prices. Not to mention security. At least internally, here in Greece it isn’t so bad.

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