Grilled fish (and some other yummy stuff)

Today, I successfully grilled some beautiful (on-sale-at-Kroger) salmon fillets.

This is a milestone of sorts. Usually , my efforts at grilling fish are an absolute disaster. So much so that I had pretty much given up trying.

But, as we get older, we become more cognizant of needing to eat more fish and chicken. And since grilling is my main method of preparing food… time to have another go at it.

Thanks to our good friend Google, the fact

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Float Trip

It’s time for the annual float trip, which means more silence here.

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend (as we get ours started a little

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We rolled into Houston last yesterday afternoon, a little late but without the problems of the trip over (although both KLM jets were late — KLM cannot seem to make an on-time departure, even from their main airport first flight of the day for the aircraft in question).

Still fighting a bit of jet lag, but with any luck that will work itself out tomorrow.

I kept a pretty detailed (handwritten) travel journal this time, and will probably backfill the

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Greece Trip: 05/14/08 (Weds) — AMS to IAH (The End)

From 05/08/08 on, I had pretty much stopped writing up my bullet notes in my written journal. I may fill them in a little here, but this is mostly just a chronological dump from what’s in my notebook. I regret that I’ve inevitably lost some detail this way, but I really got into Paros and didn’t feel like writing in detail.

– Walk to the airport from the Hilton. Plenty of time. No surprises. This is how I like

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