Abba drummer found dead in Spain (BBC News)

A former session drummer with Swedish pop band Abba has been found dead in the garden of his Spanish home with cuts to his throat, police say.

A spokeswoman said the man was 62-year-old Ola Brunkert, and said his death appeared to be accidental.

Police believe Brunkert hit his head on a window and shattered the glass which cut him. A post-mortem is taking place.

What an awful

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Blog billboard

Driving through Skiatook, Oklahoma earlier, I noticed a crude billboard advertising SkiatookBlog.com

I checked it a while ago, but it seems to have shut down at the end of 2007.

Maybe the crude billboard ad wasn’t effective?

Maybe they should have gone with car magnet advertising, like Dan Patrick promised for Lone Star Times once upon a time.

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Restless leg syndrome?

Driver injured after slamming into tree (KTRK-13 News)

A driver says restless leg syndrome caused him to smash his pick-up truck into a tree.

Last night, the man was travelling on the beltway in northeast Harris County. He told investigators his legs went numb as he went around a curve. His pick-up truck went off the roadway and into a tree.

“He pulled himself out of the vehicle, after the vehicle caught fire,” said Deputy Paul Begley with

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Idiot driver taunts Danger Train

Here’s a fun photo I snapped earlier with my cameraphone:


I’m in the Jeep, headed east on Elgin at Main.

The pickup driver is making an illegal left turn headed southbound on Main. He is sitting on TWO Danger Train tracks as he waits for traffic to clear (in the rain) so that he can make his illegal turn.

Sadly, the Danger Train was nowhere to

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Campaign videos

This is pretty good:

This is not:

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