We’re back, after a fun weekend of hiking the Ouachitas.

It was a leisurely weekend, and our cabin was lovely (as were the steaks that were grilled and the wine that was consumed).

Although the area had received some pretty good rain, the Ouachitas drain well, and the trails were in good shape. Unfortunately, Callie experienced a wardrobe malfunction — her REI hiking boots literally fell apart. That would have been a killer on a backpacking trip, but wasn’t the end of the world for our day hiking (although it did force a trip to a nearby Wal Mart).

I should note that my Asolo 520s are still holding up fine. Indeed, they feel pretty good after a decade+ of breaking in. 🙂

On the return trip, we were happy to see that some people were already gambling at roughly 11 AM on Easter Sunday. Priorities.

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  • I highly recommend hiking with flippers on one’s feet.

    It wasn’t Easter. Easter isn’t for five more Sundays. 😛

  • Wal-Mart is everywhere! Good thing, in Waco that is the only place I could afford to shop on a TV reporter salary.

  • How strange that Callie’s boots both fell apart. She must be a very even walker. Or could it have been sabotage? Kiwi?

    Lovely pictures.

  • No, no, Kiwi is a very good girl. 🙂

    They’re just old. Glue just wore out. Or maybe the sole just wore out. Or maybe the Ouachitas are brutal. Or maybe all of the above.

    I still managed to do about 8 miles in them the first hike. They didn’t start malfunctioning till about 4-5 miles into the hike.

  • Only Cathy would notice refreshing she is!! :-))
    Even walker indeed!

  • Isn’t EVERY Easter morning a gamble, when you play the Little Chocolate Egg Lottery on the chance that the little chocolate egg you pick up is NOT a *ahem* "rabbit pill"?

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