A big blunder for a Texas pol

Noriega goofs words to

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  • Hammer on Noriega? I suspect the Cornyn campaign is quite happy mostly to ignore Noriega, who is unlikely to have enough money to run a competitive race (unlike, say, candidates who can finance their own campaigns against Judge Emmett and Rep. Culberson here in the Houston area).

    In terms of the worst a campaign can do, I would guess that mangling a Texas favorite ranks higher than any mudslinging the Cornyn campaign might do.

    I say this as someone who isn’t exactly a cheerleader for Cornyn. The mere mention of his name doesn’t quicken my pulse. And despite numerous email requests, you don’t see a button flying that would associate me with this:



  • another precinct chair

    If bad song lyrics are the worst the Cornyn campaign can do, then I’m not particularly worried. The previous attempts to hammer on Noriega certainly haven’t gotten much traction.

    You’re right, though, about the unlikely part. For now. Cornyn’s vulnerable.

  • I’ve got this odd feeling Cornyn wasn’t referring to me in that video….


    "Bloggers are good as long as they run OUR information that WE provide them"

    Another bang-up job by the Repbulicans regarding the blogosphere.

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