Priceline rocks

Here’s how to get a 4-star hotel at a low-star price (Laura Bly, USA Today)

The desk clerk at Honolulu’s Hilton Hawaiian Village leaned across the counter, lowering her voice to a conspiratorial whisper.

“How did you get that price?” she asked, noting that the $75 per-night tab for my ocean-view room was about 60% off the best Hilton .com rate and even lower than the kamaaina (locals-only) discount.

My secret:

The article goes on to

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Man Puts Out Girlfriend’s Cigarette with Fire Extinguisher (Spiegel)

With smoking bans in effect across much of Germany these days, lighting up a cancer stick in a restaurant will, at the least, result in some nasty looks and a request to extinguish your cigarette. But even smoking at home can be rather dangerous.

Such is the lesson learned by a woman in the German city of Bielefeld on Sunday evening. She lit up in the apartment she shares

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All I know is their lamb kebabs are the best in town…

A party gone awry (Mary Vuong, Houston Chronicle)

Luanne Novak says her daughter and 16 teenage friends went to Mary’z Mediterranean Cuisine to celebrate her daughter’s 18th birthday.

A party gone awry

“After placing their orders, the waitress came back and told them that, because it was such a large group, each person had to order at least $10 worth of food,” Novak says. “They were not told this when they made reservations (or) when they first ordered.

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