#1 Memphis rolls into a sold-out Hofheinz tonight.

The Coogs desperately need a win at least once against Memphis this season if they hope to secure a tourney bid. Unfortunately, that’s going to be a tall order, as this Memphis team is really good.

A rocking Hof may give the Coogs a shot. Since the sellout was announced yesterday, it seems like the place is going to be as full as it has been in a while. I guess that means we’ll head over a little early tonight and hope for the big upset.

Go Coogs!

UPDATE: As expected, Memphis remains undefeated. The Coogs couldn’t get enough shots to fall to make it a close game, but I liked a lot of what I saw from UH (which sounds odd when describing a double-digit loss on your home court). When that Memphis team gets on a roll, it resembles an NBA team. They are just wicked good.

The UH fans that abandoned ship with four minutes left sort of typified Houston sports fans (bleh). But maybe some of the big crowd will make it back out for entertaining ball the rest of the season.

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  • Your furl reading section right now is all sports.

    How will I be enlightened about world politics if you’re telling me to read about OU football?

  • He’s having withdrawal, Evan.

  • Heh, close-of-month at work and some personal stuff going on in the background have caused a big slowdown in political furling, and posting at TSN (where Mr. Whitlock has been carrying much of the load for a few weeks!).

    But things should improve shortly. 🙂

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