Danger Train takes out Med Center driver

Metro train hits car making illegal turn onto Fannin (Houston Chronicle)

Police are investigating an accident at the Texas Medical Center today involving a Metropolitan Transit Authority light rail train, officials said.

According to preliminary information, the light rail train struck the car about 12:20 p.m. after the driver made an illegal left turn from John Freeman onto Fannin, authorities said.

There were no reported injuries, Metro officials said.

Drivers still haven’t learned to watch out for the Danger Train!

It is going to be fun when drivers start running into the thing along the much busier Westpark Richmond line.

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  • I was in Houston for the first time in a long time and rode the light rail from the museum district to downtown. Seemed pretty nice to me, quick and clean and $1 each way. I could see how there will be train/car accidents, but it seemed like a good system. There are still accidents in Boston and New Orleans, decades after those cities started their rail transport.

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