Boomer! (Or, Big 12 Wrap: Championship Edition)

It’s time for the last Big 12 Wrap of the year, and even though I try to keep them objective, I have to admit the Sooner fan in me is ecstatic over the Big 12 title game tonight.

The Sooners dominated the second half of the game, turning in what was probably their best one-half performance of the season, to flip a 14-14 game at halftime into a rout.

And they did it against an outstanding #1 ranked Missouri team that, in my opinion, played the best football in the Big 12 over the course of the entire season (slightly edging the Sooners). Unfortunately for Mizzou, they didn’t play like the best team in the Big 12 in two games — both against Oklahoma.

I missed the first half because I was watching UH basketball (another good performance, to another nearly empty building — very disappointing and hard to understand) cruise to another win. So that was cool. And the BCS officially blew up tonight. That’s pretty cool too. Win, win, win!

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  • The first half was great, though Mizzou couldn’t make anything but field goals until the end. Arguably the best play of the game was the 2-point conversion by Mizzou 15 seconds before halftime. It looked like the kind of play that you see the unfortunate underdogs winning the game with in every cheesy football movie, minus hiding the ball under someone’s shirt.

    Unfortunately (for Mizzou fans and anyone wanting to see an actual competition) OU completely dominated the second half – it was like it wasn’t even the same ball game. The commentators kept commenting on the high penalties of OU compared to Mizzou, but that just seemed to be the price that OU paid for playing a much more aggressive game and in the end it was a price worth paying.

    (Mark it on your calendar, I watched and commented on a football game.)

  • Score aside, I thought Oklahoma almost owned the first half, too. Six of Mizzou’s first half points only happened because of a penalties. Twice on third downs there were incomplete passes on drives that would have ended were it not for a flag, and one of the flags was questionable. Mizzou had to settle for a field goal despite 1st and Goal at the three yard line. Oklahoma’s defense was really impressive.

  • Kevin, I was at the UH game too. Surprising I didn’t see you, considering how few folks were there.

    Fluff sure was on fire.

  • Look me up next time — I don’t miss many!

    Section 121, seats 5/6.

    I’m liking this team. They need to keep improving (esp the young guys), but Penders can throw a lot of bodies out there. What did he use in that game, ten guys? With Lanny out? That bodes well.

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