What would Jesus drive?

While listening to the Richard Justice show on KGOW-1560 earlier, I heard the crew talking about how one of them had seen a celebrity dropped off by a huge Hummer at the big Hannah Montana show.

It was none other than Joel O$teen, so they said.

I guess that answers the question, What would Jesus drive?

Or maybe it just answers the question, What does Victoria insist

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 11

Things went mostly according to form this week in the Big 12. Here are the games:

Oklahoma 52, Baylor 21
The Sooners come up with more big plays than the Bears in this blowout, but Bob Stoops can’t be happy with his defense giving up 450 yards as offensive powerhouses Texas Tech and Oklahoma State loom.

Missouri 40, Texas A&M 26
A&M sorta, almost tried to make a game of this one, but Fran’s plodding offense

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Coach Leach loses it

‘Incompetence or bias?’ (Mark Rosner, AAS)

Steamed with the officials after his team’s 59-43 loss to Texas on Saturday, Texas Tech coach Mike Leach couldn’t settle on a proper description for their work.

“It may be incompetence. It may be bias. I don’t know,” Leach said. “The level of officiating in this game was a complete travesty.”

Leach seemed primarily angry about one drive and one official. During the drive, early in the third quarter, two replay reviews

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Tramel: Never forget she was 12 years old

Never forget she was 12 years old (Berry Tramel, Daily Oklahoman)

She was 12 years old.

What do you say we don’t forget that? What do you say we don’t let that drift off into the margins? What do you say that remains front and center as the Chris Collins case makes its way through the Oklahoma State administration?

Berry Tramel is a fine writer, and that’s a fine column.

Mike Gundy has his defenders (for reasons

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I now have mad, company-provided SKILLZ!

At BigCo, we are getting ready to switch over to a web-based HR data system for the next fiscal year.

It may actually be pretty slick, if BigCo manages to implement it properly (always the question for BigCos everywhere).

Of course, these sorts of things bring about that fun circumstance known as “mandatory training.”

And so today, in a two-hour session, I learned useful new things, like how to enter my phone number in a web-based form.

Seriously. I now

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