Big 12 Wrap: Week 12

Only one real surprise in the conference this week. Here are the games:

Kansas 45, Iowa State 7
Mark Mangino’s team continues to demonstrate that it is the best coached team in the conference. But will it come out on top next week against super-talented Mizzou?

Missouri 49, Kansas State 32
Missouri has tons of talent on offense, but can be prone to mistakes, making next week’s matchup with Kansas even more interesting.

Texas Tech 34, Oklahoma 27
Without its two best players (quarterback Sam Bradford and defensive end Auston English), Oklahoma looked very average. The coaches’ strange decision to stay pass-happy with Bradford’s struggling, inexperienced backup instead of leaning upon the team’s three excellent running backs didn’t help. Maybe they forgot how they won the Big 12 with an average QB last year.

Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 14
The Cowboys should be feeling very confident heading into their Bedlam matchup with OU. Baylor, meanwhile, has fired its coach, and has even floated Houston Nutt’s name. Who says the Baptists don’t have a sense of humor?!