A case of the Natty and a pack of your cheapest menthols

On our way to visit the Center of the Universe (really!) in Tulsa yesterday, we made a pit stop at a convenience store in Cleveland, OK (or CLE, as the boys on the Hardline might say).

There was a worn, older woman in front of us at the store.

Really worn.

She plopped down a case of Natural Light, and proceeded to tell the cashier,

“Gimme a pack of your cheapest menthols.”

She then took these necessities out to her truck, and went off on her way.

I’d like to think she was listening to Merle Haggard. Or maybe some Okie band.

That would just about make it a trifecta.

5 comments On A case of the Natty and a pack of your cheapest menthols

  • Perhaps she was off to some river to re-enact 10,000 Maniacs’ "Peace Train" (peace raft, actually, in the video) video, or re-supply her husband, who was re-enacting the Ned Beatty love scene from "Deliverance" with some unsuspecting urbane metrosexual type.

    The R Man

  • She needs some catfish bait and rolling papers to complete the ensemble.

  • This is turning into some kind of David Allan Coe-esque story about writing the "perfect country and western song," which might actually be a good idea.

    I wonder if the lady was wearing Crocs(tm) which some Oklahoman on this very blog claimed were the new de facto state shoe…

    The R Man

  • If she was heading to an Indian casino for the holiday that would make it perfect.

  • Ideally, she should have a kid that she leaves in the car while she goes gambling.

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