Chinese Olympic Yell Practice

Chinese learn to clap and chant for Olympics (Richard Spencer, Telegraph)

They clapped, they waved, they chanted in happy unison – and the Olympics does not even start for eight months.

The 200 dairy workers gathered with their stick-shaped drumming balloons were among the first Beijing citizens to undergo Olympic cheering practice, the latest initiative by the city government to ensure its citizens prove themselves deserving of the Games next year.

Dairy workers?

They should have imported

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 13

This week’s games mark the end of the regular season (and the end of some Big 12 coaching careers). Here are the games:

Missouri 36, Kansas 28
Mizzou just had too much talent for Kansas in this one, and now moves on to the Big 12 title game in an effort to avenge its only loss (to Oklahoma, in Norman). Mark Mangino consistently got more than any coach in America out of his talent, so here’s hoping a

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A case of the Natty and a pack of your cheapest menthols

On our way to visit the Center of the Universe (really!) in Tulsa yesterday, we made a pit stop at a convenience store in Cleveland, OK (or CLE, as the boys on the Hardline might say).

There was a worn, older woman in front of us at the store.

Really worn.

She plopped down a case of Natural Light, and proceeded to tell the cashier,

“Gimme a pack of your cheapest menthols.”

She then took these necessities out to

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I Heart my ThinkPad

Two and a half years ago, I bought a ThinkPad largely based on the bombproof nature of the product and the customer support reputation.

It wasn’t clear at the time if Lenovo would maintain IBM’s legendary support (although it was hard to imagine why they would acquire the Thinkpad brand only to destroy it, but hey, sometimes new management does dumb things).

I just got off the phone with ThinkPad support because of an issue I’m having with my UltraNav

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 12

Only one real surprise in the conference this week. Here are the games:

Kansas 45, Iowa State 7
Mark Mangino’s team continues to demonstrate that it is the best coached team in the conference. But will it come out on top next week against super-talented Mizzou?

Missouri 49, Kansas State 32
Missouri has tons of talent on offense, but can be prone to mistakes, making next week’s matchup with Kansas even more interesting.


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