I haven’t broken out this graphic in ages

Texas coach Brown spreads the news (Chip Brown, Dallas Morning News)

Two weeks ago, Texas coach Mack Brown said he took a poll of his players and was surprised to learn almost none of them paid attention to newspapers, talk radio or TV. Then Monday, Brown, who has repeatedly said he doesn’t pay attention to the media, went off on the media for its critical coverage of his team’s 28-25 victory at home over

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Sudden acceleration?

Driver accidentally slams into gas station store (KTRK-13 News)

People at a store in Houston’s south side were cleaning up a big mess after a car came crashing through it.

A car slammed into the Mobile station just off Old Spanish Trail and Highway 288 Sunday morning.

Witnesses say the driver was leaving a store next door when the accelerator got stuck. The car then crashed. The manager tried to get out of the way, but he was

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 9

Another weekend has flown by, and that means it’s time to take a quick look at the Big 12 football action.

Missouri 42, Iowa State 28
Mizzou’s high-octane offense was a little sluggish this week, but Iowa State wasn’t good enough to take advantage.

Kansas 19, Texas A&M 11
The Big 12’s only undefeated team keeps its streak alive at Kyle Field, where a new A&M coach will almost surely be roaming the sidelines next year.

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Shuttle sighting

Callie and I went to the Demeris on Shepherd for a Hoffy Burger and Onion Rings earlier.

Who else but KPRC-2 weatherman Frank Billingsley (and an associate) popped in while we were dining.

About 7:30, Billingsley went outside to watch the shuttle fly overhead. So did we.

Nothing like a Hoffy Burger, Onion Rings, and a shuttle flyover in the company of Houston’s best weatherman.

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 8

It’s Big 12 roundup time… so here we go.

Missouri 41, Texas Tech 10
Leave out that fourth quarter last week against Oklahoma, and hasn’t Mizzou looked better than anyone else so far in conference play? They just spanked Mike Leach (who has trouble beating ranked opponents).

Oklahoma 17, Iowa State 7
The Sooners have three excellent running backs. Offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson remembered that just in time to salvage what was shaping up as a

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