We’re off on that long-planned trip to Greece today.

I probably won’t be on the net much from there, so no Big 12 updates (but what about that A&M debacle last night? ouch) or other posts for a couple of weeks. Also, I’ll probably turn on the comment moderation feature in case any enterprising spammers decide to visit while I’m away.

See ya’ll in a couple of

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I like my team’s quarterback

Romo won’t tap Tank for info (DMN Cowboys Blog)

Tony Romo held a conference call with Chicago reporters today and got grilled about Tank Johnson. Romo responded with a pretty good wisecrack when asked if he’d pick Tank’s highly intelligent brain about the Bears’ scheme.

“He’s a D-lineman,” Romo said. “There’s going to be no secrets there. He’s going to say, ‘I like to play a one-technique.’ OK, thanks.”

That’s funny!

Good job,

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If it improves morale…

Australia navy in breast op row (BBC News)

Australia’s opposition Labor Party has questioned the need for female sailors to be given breast enlargements paid for with public money.

An armed forces spokesman defended the operations, saying they were carried out for psychological reasons, not to make sailors “look sexy”.

Brigadier Andrew Nikolic said the “holistic needs” of service personnel were considered under defence policy.

But he said breast augmentations were not routinely funded by the military.


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“Craig’s Stall” becomes tourist attraction

US Senator’s ‘gay sting’ sparks toilet tourism (Matthew Moore, Telegraph)

New York has the Statue of Liberty, San Francisco boasts the Golden Gate Bridge, and Washington is home to the White House.

But Minneapolis’ new must-see tourist attraction tops them all, at least for lovers of a old-fashioned political sex scandal.

Visitors from across the United States are flocking to the men’s toilets at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport to see the stall where Senator Larry Craig was arrested

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