Ten Second Review: Baba Yega

I’ve been meaning to try Baba Yega for years, but just never have.

We grabbed brunch there this morning, and it was a really good experience. The main Sunday brunch is a buffet with many quality offerings, along with chefs preparing omelets and waffles to order. Standard brunch drinks (Mimosa and Bloody Marys) seemed reasonably priced, although we settled for coffee (a dark, rich brew).

We used to hit Cafe Noche for brunch, before it went under. I

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The affluent society

Good news: The world gets better (John Stossel, RealClearPolitics.com)

Relative freedom and the astounding prosperity it yielded have created one of the most humane societies in history — the opposite of what the opponents of economic freedom predicted.

We take that prosperity for granted, since most of us are victims of what’s been called “pessimistic bias.” Anything undesirable about our current circumstances is taken as evidence that times are getting worse. But times were much worse throughout

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Catch Jack Saunders and Rick Poss Sunday

My friend and guitarist extraordinaire Rick Poss will be playing with Jack Saunders at tomorrow’s Houston Press Music Awards Showcase.

They play at 6 pm at Slainte Sunday.

Saunders is an old accomplished hand as Houston’s folk/acoustic/songwriter scene goes, but I’m really looking forward to hearing Rick play (it’s been a while). He’s as smooth and precise as they come on guitar.

Incidentally, Rick’s just finished a solo project of his own. I’m looking forward to giving

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He didn’t just compare himself to Jesus?

Roy calls criticism unfair (Mac Engel, Fort Worth Star-Telegram)

This Roy Williams is thrilled about his role in a defense that promises to use him more like the player he was at Oklahoma and in his first two seasons with the Cowboys.

And the Roy Williams who spoke after Friday’s practice smiled, laughed and seemingly was understanding of his critics.

When asked if he ever tires of the seemingly endless criticism that is thrown his way, Williams said,

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