We survived another Float Trip Weekend.

This one was a little wetter than most, but we had an outstanding float on a non-rainy Saturday that made up for the rest of the weather somewhat. And the rain kept the crowds down, which was just fine.

Photos will get posted to the group Flickr page at some

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Float Trip Time

It’s time for my annual Memorial Day Weekend Float Trip (it usually starts a day or so early), which means I’ll be unplugging from the net momentarily and heading out to the campground for an extended weekend of camping, canoeing, grilling, and carrying on.

We actually tripped out of Houston last night and rolled into Muskogee about 11 pm and stayed at a nice Hampton Inn. That worked out pretty well. The traffic wasn’t horrible, and it saved a precious

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If not for bad luck…

In the last 16 hours or so, I have:

  • Gotten an error on a new netflix CD, only to discover it had a crack in it and must be returned. Boo.
  • Found a stain on a new shirt AFTER it came out of the dryer. Ruined. No idea how it happened. Boo.
  • Had to correct the credit union, which deposited a check for $44.55 as $4.55. Boo.

That’s a bad run. My luck needs to turn about

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It’s almost Comcast time

In just a few weeks, Comcast’s swap with Time Warner here in Houston will be much more visible, as branding and billing will finally switch, and so will some service offerings (with more changes to come later).

I’ve had the standard-plus service from TWC for ages, but Comcast has already dropped a few channels from that lineup, and will probably screw around with it even more to try to get people to move to digital tiers of service.

I’m seriously

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