We don’t need this nonsense in two months

Storms Leave Mess In Texas, Oklahoma (AP)

Storms sweeping through Texas and Oklahoma have spawned tornadoes, dumped several inches of rain and left thousands without electricity.

The National Weather Service said flash flooding from Friday’s storms was the most significant problem.

More than 3 inches of rain fell in Oklahoma. The state’s highway patrol sent its dive team to an accident site where a car plunged into the Illinois River.

This bad weather needs to move out by the time of the float trip.

Cars plunging into a flooded Illinois River = Not A Good Thing.

Kev plunging into a not-flooded Illinois River after an Elam Nerf Football Toss = Much Better Thing.

Go dill pickles!

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  • Or are all these weatherpeople, who haven’t had too much to do since the January freeze around here (for one day!), getting ready to scare the wits out of us for the entire June-November hurricane season 2007? http://blogs.chron.com/scig


  • Where on earth is the Illinois River deep enough that a dive team is needed to search…for anything (except for maybe a lost beer)?

    Yeah…something tells me the city of Tahlequah is going to manage to enact its river alcohol ban.

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