Patrice Pike. Icehouse.

Callie just casually informed me a few minutes ago over drinks at Leon’s Lounge that Patrice Pike is playing the Icehouse tomorrow.

As if the Icehouse draws that sort of talent every day.

Or, ever.

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We don’t need this nonsense in two months

Storms Leave Mess In Texas, Oklahoma (AP)

Storms sweeping through Texas and Oklahoma have spawned tornadoes, dumped several inches of rain and left thousands without electricity.

The National Weather Service said flash flooding from Friday’s storms was the most significant problem.

More than 3 inches of rain fell in Oklahoma. The state’s highway patrol sent its dive team to an accident site where a car plunged into the Illinois River.

This bad weather needs to move out

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Good Indian, Bad Indian, and Cafe No-Longer-Torturously Slow

A few quick Houston food notes from the week:

I hit the lunch buffet at India’s on Richmond in the Galleria area this week (what was I THINKING?!). It was nasty, terribly watered down, tough Indian food (CLARIFICATION: I’m not sure it was even completely recognizable as Indian food). And the service was terrible. I’m probably one of the few people in Houston who’s ever left a buffet hungry. But I just couldn’t stomach that food. AVOID.

On the other

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What a nice weekend for camping

It looks like we’re going to enjoy an absolutely gorgeous weekend in the Houston-area.

I think a quick overnight backpacking trip may be in order. I still need to test that hammock, after all!

We’ll see if I actually get up and out of town at the crack of dawn.

UPDATE (03-24-2007): Backpacking aborted for various reasons, although I did enjoy a nice drive in the country today. But what is up with the rain? When I looked at

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