Moving On

So, Jason Garrett is back in the Cowboys family now.

He’ll at least be the offensive coordinator, with a possibility he’ll be named head coach.

I don’t think he’ll be named head coach. I think Wade Phillips may be that guy.

Anyway, Garrett’s a good young football mind, and the Cowboys need more of those (and fewer people who are on the staff because the Jersey Con Man liked them or whatever). The Hardline guys give Garrett a

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Drama Queen era ends

The four year Bill Drama Queen Parcells era is over in Dallas.

He delivered the franchise no playoff victories.

Really, he didn’t deliver much in terms of expectations of the coach, aside from that first season, when somehow a team of scrubs led by Quincy Carter made the playoffs (and

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Sand + 70 = Trouble!

Driver plunges off ramp, blaming sand (KTRK-13 News)

A driver claims excess sand on a north Houston ramp made him flip his pickup truck overnight.

The truck almost landed in the bayou after it went over the wall on the ramp between 45 southbound and the North Loop westbound.

It was surely the sand, and not the fact that he was driving too fast for the weather conditions.

Because fine Houston drivers could never make that mistake.

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An O$teen survey

HouStoned notes that Houston’s Joel Osteen will give the invocation to swear in Governor Rick Perry today.

That makes this as good a time as any for our Joel O$teen survey. Please let us know what you think!

Joel O$teen
Which product does Joel O$teen use for hair maintenance?

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