Dash streams The Ticket just fine

I’m a fan of The Hardline show on Dallas sports talk station KTCK – The Ticket.

I just discovered that T-Mobile’s EDGE network is fast enough to stream the station.

That means instead of listening to local talk while working out, I’ll have the option of listening to The Hardline on the little Dash.

This is a very cool development. Never again will I need to switch over to Rich Lord if Palillo is out or Baker’s on

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Danger Train collision

Driver hurt in Metro Rail crash (KHOU-11 news)

A car crashed into a Metro Rail train Friday afternoon at Main and Pierce in downtown Houston.

Two women, one pushing the other in a wheelchair, nearly became victims too.

“We were right here, right here. I looked over and just saw his truck flying in the middle of the street,” said Heather MacQueen.

“Then that hit and stuff was flying everywhere,” said Debra Johnson, who was pushing MacQueen’s wheelchair.

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Houston Departures

I commented on this site at blogHOUSTON, but I thought I’d add a link here.

If you like to travel and live in the Houston area, then Houston Departures is a site you need to bookmark and/or add to your RSS feed reader.

I scour the travel sites pretty carefully for deals, but I have a feeling that guy is going to cause me to spend/save even more money on

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