Poor ThinkPad

I gave myself a cool Christmas gift this year….

I somehow managed to blow up my install of Windows on the ThinkPad.

Thankfully, I was able to use IBM/Lenovo’s Rescue and Recovery software to pull my data off the machine.

I had an old drive image backed up which I could have restored, but ultimately I just decided to restore to the original factory config and start over. I’ve been needing to clean out applications and data and such for a while, and sometimes a fresh install just seems like the way to go.

Unfortunately, end-of-year stuff has been hectic at work, so I haven’t had much time to spend actually reinstalling stuff to the ThinkPad. At the moment, I basically have a browser, updated OS, and NOD 32 (which is three more things than I had as of about two days ago). But over the next couple of days, I should have some time to get things back up to speed.

It’s weird, but this kind of thing is usually about all that ever gets me to clean out old crap. 🙂

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  • I format and restore from scratch on a pretty regular basis. It’s cleansing for the computer’s soul!

    On a sidenote, the harddrive on my old Thinkpad died in Idaho. WindowsXP included all of the required drivers, but the computer is a little old so I decided to try to install Windows 2000 for a performance boost. The drivers that IBM/Lenovo make available for such an occasion are nothing short of outstanding. The only weird part is that you have to use IE to get to them (even IE "skin" browsers, such as Avant or SlimBrowser, don’t work)… which is kind of strange considering IBM’s support for Linux and open-source.

  • Maybe next year we should put up a Christmas tree, not a Kwanzaa tree.

  • Maybe Callie is right..

  • My condolences!! I went through this about a month or five weeks ago. Painful at the time, but definitely worth it in the "cleaning out" end of things!! My computer runs much faster now, and I’m sure it’s because of the stuff that got cleaned out AND the stuff that didn’t get put back on!!

  • RAW: The IBM/Lenovo support is just amazing. I certainly now understand why ThinkPad people are so brand-loyal.

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