Happy Kwanzaa


Happy Kwanzaa (or whatever holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate), everyone.

Isn’t my (artificial) Kwanzaa tree cool? Those LED lights rock.

Blogging will be on hiatus for a few days. Unless, of course, I just have to post something.

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  • I was so tempted to "flag this photo as may offend" on Flickr. 🙂

    Merry Christmas.

  • THAT would have been hilarious!

  • Awesome tree! Merry Christmas!

  • What? No fairy on top?

    Merry Christmas!

  • What a start to the holiday season! Brian McCall could be the savior of Texas House Republicans. Since Tom Craddick became Speaker, his style has lead us to losing half of the 12 seat majority we got in 2002.

  • another precinct chair

    I wouldn’t lay it all at Craddick’s feet, but he certainly played a sizable role in the Democrats’ gain of six seats. I’d guess a good percentage of folks couldn’t tell you their state representative, much less name the Speaker of the House, but Craddick’s ham-fisted arrogance has done a lot to poison the well here at the Capitol. We’d all be better off, Democrats and Republicans alike, with McCall as Speaker.

  • It should have a yarmulke on top.

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