Poor ThinkPad

I gave myself a cool Christmas gift this year….

I somehow managed to blow up my install of Windows on the ThinkPad.

Thankfully, I was able to use IBM/Lenovo’s Rescue and Recovery software to pull my data off the machine.

I had an old drive image backed up which I could have restored, but ultimately I just decided to restore to the original factory config and start over. I’ve been needing to clean out applications and data and such for

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Happy Kwanzaa


Happy Kwanzaa (or whatever holiday you celebrate or don’t celebrate), everyone.

Isn’t my (artificial) Kwanzaa tree cool? Those LED lights rock.

Blogging will be on hiatus for a few days. Unless, of course, I just have to post something.

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Man cleaning rifle accidentally shoots, kills neighbor (KHOU-11 News)

A woman was killed by a stray bullet in a freak accident Friday night.

The shooting occurred at the Ascott Court Apartments in the 10900 block of West Road at Jones.

Witnesses said the woman was at home watching a DVD when a bullet passed through the wall of her home and hit her in the head.

Apparently the man living next door was cleaning his rifle

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