Maybe Bob Newhart could run the offense?

Shoop to call offensive plays for Raiders (Associated Press)

The Oakland Raiders replaced offensive coordinator Tom Walsh on Tuesday, promoting tight ends coach John Shoop to take charge of the team’s struggling offense.

Walsh is a close friend of coach Art Shell, having served as his offensive coordinator during Shell’s first stint as Raiders coach. But Walsh had been out of the NFL since being fired with Shell after the 1994 season and was the recipient of much

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Shrinking Pawhuska

Pawhuska‘s sole traffic signal no longer is a “real” traffic signal.

Instead, it’s flashing red every direction, and the city has put up stop signs.

Every time I come back here for some reason, it’s always kind of sad to see what businesses are missing in the shrinking town. But the sole traffic signal being relegated to flashing red… that’s really

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Review of Income and Wealth by Alan Reynolds (Diana Furchgott-Roth, NY Post)

Money Myths (Diana Furchgott-Roth, NY Post)

Most measures of inequality look at income before taxes and transfer payments. Transfers include housing vouchers, Medicaid, food stamps and refundable tax credits. But our progressive tax system is designed to redistribute income from high-earners to those without income – and it works. The top half of earners pays about 96 percent of all taxes. So when taxes and transfer payments are included in the calculation, there is a smaller

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