Starbucks universe

Starbucks Going Here, There And Everywhere (AP)

The people who work in Seattle’s tallest building face a tough decision: should they get their caffeinated indulgence at the old Starbucks on the building’s first floor or the new Starbucks, 40 floors up? And, if those lines are too long, is it too far to walk across the street, where a third Starbucks awaits?

Starbucks Corp.’s recently announced goal of having 40,000 stores worldwide isn’t just about spreading green awnings

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Review of Means of Ascent by Mark Halperin and John Harris

Means of ascent (Andrew Ferguson, Washington Post)

“The thesis of this book,” they write, “is that political success can be demystified — reduced to tangible rules that can be labeled and replicated.” At least since Napoleon Hill grew rich with his classically dreadful Think and Grow Rich , authors of mass-audience self-help books have feasted off the delusion that the secret of commercial success can be disaggregated, codified and taught in easily digestible steps. All they’ve

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