More sudden acceleration

10 hurt when car slams into Starbucks’ patio (AP)

An 85-year-old man who drove a car onto a patio at a Starbucks coffee shop and injured 10 people, two of them critically, isn’t likely to face charges, police said Saturday.

“It sounds like it’s just a simple mistake by an elderly man,” said police Sgt. Richard Williams, adding he “seriously doubts” charges will be filed.

Police said Ted Kawashima was trying to park his white Toyota Camry in

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Please come back, Kornheiser and Wilbon!

Houston symphony to tackle music of NFL (David Barron, Houston Chronicle)

Finally, the next time Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser are both absent from Pardon the Interruption, perhaps ESPN should explore alternate programming rather than pairing Dan Le Betard and Jason Whitlock. I’m thinking Playmakers reruns might be the way to go.

I like Le Betard fine, but Whitlock makes the show unwatchable.

Maybe they could pair Le Betard and Woody Paige (even if remote) the next

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Plumbing updated

This wouldn’t really be worth a post, except I know some Nucleus users wind up here from time to time because I’ve posted in the past about fixes, plugins, and the like…

It may be useful for some readers to know I’ve changed over the plugin responsible for generating headlines from RSS feeds on the sidebar. The older NP_Newsfeed plugin was increasingly erratic, and seemed prone to certain PHP errors. The Nucleus community seems to prefer

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No Justice at the Armadillo Palace

There’s lots of good live music around town tonight for the Red Dirt/Texas/Americana fan.

I’m looking forward to skipping a few bigger names in favor of catching my Okie Red Dirt favorites, No Justice, over at the Armadillo Palace. If a sorta-country band with more rocking guitars and nice harmony vocals is your sort of thing, then these guys are highly recommended.

Bloggers, readers, or other interested parties are encouraged to drop in, listen to some good tunes,

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