I Wanna Fire Some Howitzers

San Antonio neighborhood shaken by cannon fire (Associated Press)

Soldiers practicing for Fourth of July festivities aimed World War II-era cannons at nearby homes and cars and fired several loud blanks, upsetting neighbors who complained of ringing ears, shaken homes and frightened pets.

The members of Fort Sam Houston’s Honors Platoon usually just pretend to set off the 75 mm Pack howitzers when they practice, post spokesman Phil Reidinger said.

“What possessed them to use the actual blank

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No German Thatcher (or German Reagan)

Merkel changing her tune on taxes (Judy Dempsey, International Herald Tribune)

BERLIN Eight months into her term as chancellor, Angela Merkel is on the verge of raising taxes for the second time, in this case for a vast and bureaucratic health care system.

The proposal by her coalition of conservatives and Social Democrats envisions an expansion of the system to cover children that could cost taxpayers

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What Wave?

Incumbent wins easily as Jacob’s immigration challenge fizzles (Glen Warchol, The Salt Lake Tribune)

Incumbency overcame the anti-immigration wave in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District Republican Primary.

Five-term Rep. Chris Cannon had a commanding lead over political newcomer John Jacob with 89 percent of the precincts reporting at press time.

Cannon had collected 56 percent of the vote to Jacob’s 44, with one-fifth of Salt Lake County’s ballots still to be counted.

But by 11:05 p.m.

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