Float Trip 2006

Float Trip 2006 is a wrap, and goes down as a win I guess.

I’m still tired (and sunburned in strange spots), not to mention behind on my news reading, so blog posting probably won’t resume here for a little while

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Camping Time

I’m sneaking away to a campground to get an early start on the Memorial Day weekend.

It’s not exactly primitive, but there won’t be any internet, so I obviously won’t be posting to the blogs or probably even checking email for a few days.

I’m going to turn on moderation here, so the spammers won’t just trash the place while I’m gone.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend when it finally rolls around. I’m looking forward to

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Congrats To Texas Gigs

Big congrats to my buddy Cindy Chaffin and the crew over at Texas Gigs.

They just won a much-deserved EPpy in the category “Best Internet Entertainment Service under 1 million unique monthly visitors.”

I didn’t expect that an indie/outsider/non-mediot site like TexasGigs would actually win the award from the pros, but I guess it’s hard to deny what they’ve done with the site.

Good for them! I hope Cindy doesn’t forget all of us little people who have

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There’s A Tent In My Living Room

There’s a tent in my living room.

Quite a large tent, actually.

With my annual float trip fast approaching, I decided to go for comfort this year. Instead of using one of my lightweight (but bomb proof) backpacking tents, I decided to go for a larger “car camping” style tent that is large enough to hold… an air mattress.

Yep, I’m giving in this year. This is a leisure camping trip, it’s not like I’m throwing all this stuff on

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