Did The Texans Choke?

For months now, there’s been something of a consensus that Reggie Bush would be the first pick in the NFL draft, despite the noise from some Vince Young boosters.

In the last week or two, the Texans started carrying on about taking Mario Williams, and those who reported those rumblings almost always reported it in the context of the Texans being concerned about paying Reggie Bush the sort of money that a pick who’s #1 on almost every team’s draft

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Gov. Perry: We Is Doing Real Good With School Finance

From the desk of one Gov. Rick Perry today:

Today the Senate took decisive action and passed school finance reform and taxpayer protection legislation. This legislation, almost identical to the bills earlier passed by the House of Representatives, are part of a plan that will provide historic property tax relief to homeowners and businesses and long-term protections to taxpayers.

From the comments I’ve left at a few blogs, folks can probably guess I’m not thrilled with the governor’s

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HostMatters Blues

Host Matters (where blogHOUSTON is hosted) got hit with a massive DOS attack earlier today.

Now, apparently Round Two is underway, according to HM support.

If I weren’t constrained by the fun of a 24k dialup connection today (fun!), I would have grabbed the mySQL databases from HM when they got the DOS under control earlier today and flipped the DNS to blogHOUSTON over to my backup host (where this blog is hosted).

Alas, that just wasn’t happening at 24k.

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What Debate?

The great debate (Dale Robertson, Houston Chronicle)

“Every time I see Vince or hear him speak, I say to myself, ‘Damn, that’s a cool dude.’ I like what he says and how humbly he carries himself.”

A recurring theme of our sports podcasts has been the contrast between Reggie Bush, who handles himself very well with the media and almost certainly has received some good media coaching, and Vince Young, whose performance (right down to wearing

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