Hines Must Fry A Lot Of Keyboards With His Spittle

When guys on Capitol Hill look like Beavis, Butthead (Cragg Hines, Houston Chronicle)

The ludicrous scene was live coverage of the U.S. House on C-SPAN. And it was not for the faint of heart. I certainly hope no impressionable children were watching.

The House Republicans’ designated point man on lobbying “reform,” Rep. David Dreier of California, was wending his way mendaciously through an opening statement.

Dreier said the bill he was trying to cudgel into consideration by the full House was “bipartisan.” It is not.

He said it was “thorough.” That’s a joke.

He said it was “bold, responsible, common-sense reform.” Wrong on all counts.

The House-managed cameras kept such a tight focus on Dreier that I couldn’t see if members of either party were falling off their leather-covered seats in late-morning laughter.

Dreier, halest of fellows, talked a great game