The Model For Rice

Kragthorpe has Golden Hurricane on the right track (Berry Tramel, Daily Oklahoman)

The University of Tulsa football team came to Norman on Sept. 10, played the stripes off the Sooners’ pants and we all walked away talking about how much OU stunk.

Shame on us. We failed to see what was right before our very eyes. Namely, that Tulsa has a danged good squad and a big-time coach.

The Golden Hurricane have spent the rest of the season

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Why Is Millen Still A GM?

Mariucci’s gone, but Millen remains … why? (Gene Wojciechowski,

The wrong guy was handed a pink slip Monday and shoved out the fuselage door of Air Lions. Matt Millen ought to be the one hurtling earthward toward unemployment, not the guy he fired Monday morning, Steve Mariucci.

Do the Detroit Lions stink like diesel exhaust? Absolutely. They can clear out a stadium faster than a bomb scare. But if Lions ownership (Hello, anybody there?) can OK the

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A Shock For The Reality-Based Community

Stink from Abramoff hovers over Congress (San Antonio Express News)

If Congressional ethics committees want to prove they care about Capitol Hill’s image, they have a mountain of work to do.

A recent Associated Press report on lawmakers’ efforts to help lobbyist Jack Abramoff block a Louisiana Indian tribe’s planned casino documented a situation so smelly that a starving dog would be repulsed.

The AP report revealed that nearly three dozen lawmakers joined Abramoff’s battle against the Jena

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Big 12 Wrap: Week 13

Thanksgiving weekend was also the final weekend of regular-season games for the Big 12. I’ll have some thoughts on the Big 12 regular season at the end of the post, but first this week’s games:

Texas 40, Texas A&M 29
Credit Texas A&M for hanging tough with the Longhorns much of the game. That said, did anyone really think A&M was going to win this one? The Longhorns romped to 40 points on a day when their Superman

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