Boys From Oklahoma

There’s good music tonight at the Firehouse for folks who like the Oklahoma red-dirt sound.

Stoney Larue is opening for Jason Boland.

Cover is a little steep ($15). I imagine there will be a decent crowd. I’m probably going, although it’s not certain just yet.

Tomorrow, another Okie band (No Justice) will be opening for the great Billy Joe Shaver. That’s an excellent twinbill, and definitely where I will be if I stay in town Saturday

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Senators No

Bayh says he won’t support Roberts nomination (Maureen Groppe,

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh said Friday he will vote against the nomination of Judge John G. Roberts Jr. to be the next chief justice of the United States because not enough is known about how Roberts will act.


Bayh was the last Senate Democrat considering a 2008 presidential run to announce how he will vote.
Delaware Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. voted against Roberts and Wisconsin

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Oooh, A Food Fight

‘Food fighter’ Bell throws his onion into the gubernatorial ring (John Kelso, Austin American-Statesman, via BOR)

Which brings us back around to former U.S. Rep. Chris Bell, whose nickname ought be “Who’s He?”

Bell, who seems like a really good guy, and that might be the problem, is a Democratic candidate for governor.

Bell has all the name recognition of, uh, of, uh . . .

Bell is so hard up for press attention and name

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Remembering “Load Left”

Victory obscures Parcells’ big blunder (Jim Reeves, FWST)

It was the worst call by a Cowboys’ coach since “load left” in Philadelphia — which takes in some territory, since Dave Campo wasn’t exactly stellar in clock management — but you expect that from Barry Switzer. You don’t expect Parcells to make calls that can get you beat.

And you don’t expect to have to mention him in the same breath as Switzer and Campo, either.

That fake

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