Jude Wanniski, RIP

Supply-side inventor Jude Wanniski dies (World New Daily)

Economist Jude Wanniski, the man who coined the term “supply-side economics,” died of a heart attack earlier today at 69.

The former WND columnist was founder and chairman of Polyconomics, Inc., and author of the 1978 book “The Way the World Works,” named one of the 100 most influential books of the 20th century by the editors of the National Review. At the heart of the book is his 1978

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RR at MD

Randy Rogers played the Mucky Duck tonight.

He didn’t have the full band, just his fiddle player.

It was mostly an enjoyable night. Randy’s a really talented singer-songwriter, as I’ve been posting here for a long long time.

Unfortunately, the fact that so many of the people who pay to see a Duck-quality show (I won’t call them fans) and then choose to talk loudly over it is really annoying.

Scott Miller’s up next on Thursday. He usually draws

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A Pro-Trade Party No Longer (Cont’d)

A few words with Nick Lampson (Charles Kuffner, Off the Kuff)

Lampson says he would have opposed the CAFTA bill because it was not fair to American workers’ interests. “We need a fair playing field, with comparable conditions – environmental and labor – for all sides,” he said. He spoke at length about shrimp fishing in the Gulf versus imported farmed shrimp from Asia as an example. Imported shrimp are supposed to be tested for certain chemicals, but

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McCain Backs Arizona Gay Marriage Amendment

McCain backs ban on gay marriage (Associated Press)

More than a year before the general election, U.S. Sen. John McCain is backing an initiative that would change Arizona’s Constitution to ban gay marriages and deny government benefits to unmarried couples.

The Republican senator is the most prominent Arizonan to add his voice to what has become a flurry of measures competing for a place on the state’s Nov. 7, 2006, ballot.

A McCain staffer said it was the

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